Al Dar was founded by the Eid Family Father Mr Mohamed Eid And sons, Hussam & Nasser, who came to Britain from the mountainous region of Lebanon. Growing up in a close-knit, loving family, the brothers learned an appreciation for traditional values. At the heart of this is nurturing through cuisine
in 1995, Al-Dar 1 in Edgware Road was the first restaurant opened by Family, and within three years the family expanded their business by opening several restaurants in London, it was their goal to make Lebanese food just like their mother had made it. They have been able to recreate this experience making every meal a celebration of taste, texture and family values.

For 20 years, Al Dar has proudly served its customers as a purveyor of Mediterranean food and drink . Our uncompromising commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in tradition and family.

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Mixed shawarma: شاورما مشكلة مع بطاطا أو رز أو سلطة

Roasted slices of marinated lamb & chicken served with french fries or rice or salad.
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Tabbouleh: تبولة

Parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice, mint, crushed wheat & olive oil.
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Mixed shawarma (A): شاورما مشكلة

Roasted thin slices of lamb and chicken.
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Labneh: لبنة

Strained yoghurt served with olive oil.
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