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For over 12 years, Al Dar has proudly served its customers as a purveyor of Mediterranean food and drink .


Our uncompromising commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in tradition and family.

Dish of the Day

(Please call us to know which dish is for today)

Chicken and Potato:

Oven cooked chicken and potato slices in a lemony, garlic and coriander sauce.



Braised Cod fish served with special cumin rice and fried onions.


Spinah and Rice:

Cooked lamb cubes , spinach leaves, garlic, onions, coriander in a lemony lamb juice.


Batinjan Sheikh El Mehshi:

Stuffed baby oubergines with minced meat, onions, spices, cooked in tomato sauce, served with vermicelli rice.


Kafta Bil Sayniyeh:

Special meat balls oven cooked with sliced potatoes in tomato sauce.



Steamed semolina balls served with chicken breast in caraway sauce with shallots, chick peas and lamb cubes.

Daoud Basha:

Meat balls cooked with tomato sauce, sliced onions, garlic and pine kernels


Stuffed Lamb:

Oven roasted lamb shanks served with rice with meat and mixed nuts.



Special cooked rice with mixed nuts and vegetables with chicken.


Kibbeh Bil Laban:

Lamb meatballs mixed with cracked wheat, filled with fried minced meat and onions, cooked with yogurt, topped with garlic and coriander.



Mloukhieh leaves cooked with garlic, coriander, chilli, lamb cubes and served rice and chicken.


Green Peas and Rice:

cooked green peas, carrots, potatoes, in tomato sauce with lamb cubes.


Face of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon

The Cedars Nature Reserves in Lebanon were candidates in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition.

Qadisha Valley

Qadisha, one of the deepest and most beautiful valleys in Lebanon, is indeed a world a part.